Leveraging The Display Network To Increase ROI

Leveraging The Display Network To Increase ROI


Paid Search Case Study On Leveraging The Display Network To Increase ROI

Last month we took on a new client who had been handling their own PPC account for a few years. The main goal of the paid search account is to drive white paper downloads from their website. When I met with the client he said, “Recently our costs have really gone up and I don’t know why. We’re hoping you guys can bring those back down.”
We’ve done a lot of restructuring of campaigns and ad groups on the search network, but the majority of our success has come from properly managing the content network. The client had been running the search network and content networks together in all of their campaigns. The first thing we did was separate them into their own campaigns so we could monitor performance easier, and most importantly, allocate the proper amount of budget to each network. They had recently created some ads with the display ad builder and they were eating up almost the entire budget before the search network could even show any ads.
The next thing we did was identify specific ads, and placements that either were not converting, or were converting at a high cost. The aforementioned ads were the worst offenders. They were spending the bulk of the budget and not producing any leads. We paused the display ad builder ads and uploaded some very nice banners that are performing much better. They have a more professional look, clear messaging and strong call to action. Due to our optimization in the content network campaign, we saw the average Cost Per Conversion drop from $26 dollars to $10.58 (59% decrease).
Probably the most effective change we made was to create a Remarketing campaign for them. We are using the exact same display ads that we’re using in the other display network campaign, they’re just targeted to people who have visited the client’s site. Just counting direct conversions, this campaign is converting at $4.60 (82% decrease from last months display ads). If we add the view-through conversions to the direct conversions, they are converting at $0.31. That is a 98.8% decrease in cost per conversion compared to the baseline cost of $26.

Unfortunately, you can’t run a successful campaign with just Remarketing. You need to successfully integrate search network, display network and remarketing campaigns to produce a constant source of qualified traffic that converts and makes money. So what are the results when we look at this account as a whole? Comparing one month, prior to our takeover of the account, to a month of us running the account, we saw the following results:
Conversions: +26.4%
Total Cost: -58%
Cost/Conversion: -67%

Our client asked us to help bring their costs down; we brought their costs down by more than half AND produced more conversions for them.
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