Klemmer and Associates Seminar Review | Leadership Development | Character Development

Klemmer and Associates Seminar Review | Leadership Development | Character Development


Klemmer and Associates Seminar Review. It changed my life & helped GROW our business!


When thinking about Leadership Development or even Character Development I thought I was in a place of self-satisfaction and that I “didn’t need it” – it was only after I attended the Advanced Leadership Seminar, by Brian Klemmer that I realized I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I thought I was successful and self-fulfilled.


I had a rough childhood, but thought I had forgiven my father for not being the best father. He was a young father, and I wasn’t aware that I carried a lot of baggage, even though I had forgiven him long ago for his lack of parenting skills. I “told myself” that he did the best he could with what he had, but deep down I didn’t realize I hadn’t really forgiven him. I was holding on to so much anger that I didn’t’ even realize I was carrying. It was through the work with Brian KlemmerKlemmer and Associates and the Advanced Leadership Seminar that I realized, through their work that I had not truly forgiven my father. I was still resenting him. I didn’t trust him and had distanced myself from him. I was able to find forgiveness in my heart and what used to be a phone call a month turned into 2-3 calls a week, if not more. Now that’s Character Development.


I also came to realize, after an exercise that I had not been the best brother to my sister. I can’t explain what the exercise is, because that would ruin it for anyone else who plans to attend. But what could have been just a simple exercise became a powerful tool of introspection. I realized I needed to contact my sister and explain to her that I loved her unconditionally and that I had been a horrible brother. I didn’t even realize before the exercise that I felt this way. But with the help of Brian Klemmer and his staff, I grew personally and called my sister immediately. I love her unconditionally and rebuilding relationships took courage. I am a humble, vulnerable, forgiving, and courageous man. I would not have said that before attending Advanced Leadership Seminar.


So how does this translate to leadership development? We are challenged in Personal Mastery and Advanced Leadership Seminar to step into leadership. We are challenged to look at our own belief systems, judgments and how we play the game of life. Through games and hard work, we uncover that we can do whatever we set our minds to do. The games translate to real life. Through courage, I am now able to provide better leadership at work. I am able to have better relationships in my life.


But it’s not just about leadership and character development! How does this apply to business?


After attending Personal Mastery, we grew our largest client by 93% in 10 months, grew their sales by 103% to $7.8 Million and lowered their cost per sale by 3.13% – all at the same time. Then came the Advanced Leadership Seminar and Heart of the Samurai, after attending those classes, I was fired up and ready to go & signed our biggest client to a 14 month contract. After attending Samurai Camp I took our employee satisfaction from 83% to 89% and still growing.  This increase in employee satisfaction resulted in more business, happier customers, and more revenue. Doubling the valuation of our company in less than 4 months.


I looked at these classes as an investment in my personal character development but what I got out of it was more than just that. Tangible, quantifiable results.


I would highly encourage everyone to at least take a look at the Champions Workshop – which gives you a taste of what you can learn.

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