Introducing Cinsay: A Way to Sell Your Products Through Video

Introducing Cinsay: A Way to Sell Your Products Through Video

Video eCommerce is one of the fastest growing  and most effective forms of direct advertisement on the web today. This is why Accelerate would love to introduce you to the Cinsay Smart Container™ that takes video marketing to the next level.

The new Smart Container™ video player from Cinsay is a revolutionary tool that gives your brand a powerful advantage in the competitive video marketing field. An integrated eCommerce system places the entire marketing and sales process within the boundaries of the video itself, allowing this unique container the ability to sell your product directly from a Facebook wall, YouTube video or anywhere videos are viewed.

With this new free product offering, you will have the opportunity to set up a video marketing campaign, complete with all the fully functional elements, such as: easy sharing links, a “like” button and options for viewers to click buttons for additional information about your product or service. The process of making the Smart Container™ work for your business couldn’t be easier. Cinsay gives you all the tips, advice and setup assistance you need to set up your video marketing effort. Just create a short video that represents your brand, or use a pre-existing video, and in no time you will have an online storefront that takes integrated eCommerce to the next level. As your video gains views, likes, links and sales, you’ll be amazed at the advantage that easy eCommerce provides.

So, how does it work? Your consumers initiate and complete a purchase on popup windows that appear inside the video container. There’s no distracting rerouting to new web pages—the online video production is the only storefront that the customer sees. Best of all, signing up to participate in the Smart Container™ program is free of charge. This unique opportunity is the ideal chance for any company to gain a foothold in video eCommerce, experimenting with this new container to see for yourself how easy eCommerce translates video viewers into buying customers.

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