Interest Targeting on the Google Display Network

Interest Targeting on the Google Display Network

The Google Display Network (GDN) has greatly evolved over the past few years.  With the evolution came new targeting categories.  Gone are the days of contextual targeting only.  Google now provides several targeting options: contextual, placement, topic, interest and remarketing.  In addition, any of their targeting options can be combined for truly powerful display campaigns.   Today’s focus will be on interest targeting.

What Is Interest Targeting?

Interest targeting, or interest category targeting, is a targeting tool offered by the GDN.  Considered a behavioral targeting tool, advertisers are able to reach audiences based on their interests.  Example interest categories include areas as broad as Arts & Entertainment and go as granular as Music Composition & Theory.  By providing a wide range of categories, the advertiser has a better chance of honing in on their target group.

How Can You Use Interest Targeting?

Interest targeting can introduce brands to a qualified audience who may not have heard of them, but fall into their target market.  An example would be a new auto accessory shop opens and wants to reach those interested in his products.  By targeting the interest category Vehicle Parts & Accessories, they have the potential to be in front 1M – 2M people world-wide.  If that is too broad and they’d prefer to only target those interested in auto interior accessories, they can narrow the focus to the Auto Interior category only.

One advertiser may choose to target different categories separately to hyper-focus their creative.  In the above example the advertiser could run banners focusing on interior accessories for the Auto Interior category, and run a different set of banners showcasing their exterior options for the Auto Exterior category.  Tailoring the creative to the audience has always been a winning marketing strategy, and interest targeting is no different.

How Do I Implement Interest Targeting?

Now that you’ve been introduced to interest targeting, how can you set this up in your AdWords account?

1.  Create a separate interest targeting campaign:


2.  Click the Display Network tab:


3.  Select Change display targeting:

4.  Edit the Interests & Remarketing targeting method:

5.  Navigate to your preferred interest category and add:

6.  Save your changes!

Now only GDN users who have been identified as interested in auto interior accessories will be eligible to see advertising from this ad group.

Interest targeting can expose your brand to your target audience, all with just a few simple clicks.  If you’d like Accelerate Online Marketing to help take your display efforts to the next level with interest targeting, contact us for a free consultation today!


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