How We Grew Their Business by 3414% in 10 months | Paid Search Case Study & Success Story

How We Grew Their Business by 3414% in 10 months | Paid Search Case Study & Success Story

The following is an update to my previous blog posting on Paid Search | PPC | Bragging Rights.

In just over 10 months, we have grown our clients Google traffic by 1000%. But we don’t just look at traffic, for traffic’s sake atAccelerate Online Marketing. We are maniacal about performance. It’s not just about clicks anymore. It’s all about the leads.


As a Google AdWords Qualified Company, we took over our clients’ account from a major advertising agency. We threw out all their assumptions about “what works” and analyzed everything. From their target cost per click (CPC) bids, to position preference, to ad copy and destinations. We consulted on their landing pages, made modifications and conducted landing page testing. (one change of a button, increased the site conversion rate by over 50%).

The ultimate goal was to provide as many leads as possible for $120 per lead. As long as we could keep the cost per lead under $120, we could spend as much as we wanted. (I love a challenge like that!). The lifetime value of these customers more than justifies this model. (you may be thinking that $120 for a lead is a lot of money, but in this particular industry, the value of those customers to the end client is worth 10x more than that!

So how did we do at our 10 month checkup?

1000% more clicks and 295% more impressions.

With our ad copy optimization we increased the click through rate (CTR) on their ads by by 164%.

While the client only wanted to pay $4 per click in the beginning, we were able to show them that by paying more per click, we could reduce their cost per lead (cost per conversion) AND we could get them more leads. We justified paying more per click because we were able to modify their landing pages to increase the site conversion rate. They used to convert only 2.28% of the visitors to leads but with our help, we increased their site conversion to 7.66% – That’s a 236% improvement in the site conversion rate!

So even though the average CPC went from $4.01 to $9.05, their total cost per conversion went from $176 to $118. That’s a drop of 32.9%! While squeezing out those efficiencies, we went from 29 leads to 1,019 – a 3500% increase.

Sometimes you need an agency that can help you think outside the box. Is your Search Engine Marketing company or Paid Search advertising agency growing your account, or getting better results each month? Are they even trying? Or are they just skating by with the status quo?

You don’t have to spend $120,000 a month to engage Accelerate Online Marketing to manage your paid search campaign. We manage accounts that spend $2,500 a month up to $375,000 a month. Some of our cost per lead targets are $5 and others are $140. It just depends on what vertical the business operates.

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