Google’s Headline Changes: No Punctuation Needed for Headline Extensions

Google’s Headline Changes: No Punctuation Needed for Headline Extensions

Google has been making a ton of changes lately to both organic and paid results. Some of these changes have not shown favorable resultsothers have shown amazing results and others are not measurable so we don’t really know if they’re helping or hurting. There apparently seems to be an issue with one of the recent changes though – extending the character limit for ad headlines.


Here is an example of what the ad should look like in Google if you want to have an extended headline:



*In the above example you can see how Google automatically puts a dash (-) to show you the difference in the headline and the first description line.


If you didn’t want an extended headline, this is what it should look like when you plug it into Google:


ExtendedHeadlineHowitShouldLook*Side note: notice Google’s new ad preview tool in the UI – I love it!!!


I was trying to do an analysis of what ads probably have the extended headline vs. the ads that should not have the extended headline. For this analysis I looked at which ads had a complete sentence in the first description line vs. the ads that did not have a complete sentence in the first description line. While doing my analysis I wanted to see how many of my competitors are taking advantage of the extended ad headlines. While doing my competitive research I noticed that apparently Google might have let something slip through the cracks; notice in the following pictures that some of the extended headlines do not end with punctuation, which should mean that the headlines should not be extended (red arrow = missing punctuation; green arrow = punctuation):
1 ppc ad site des


Obviously I stopped doing my analysis since the numbers would not be accurate. I’m also holding out hope that Google will tell me when my ads have been extended and what the metrics are for the extended headline vs. the normal headline. All of these changes are great for the advertiser and user, in my opinion, and I’m pretty sure that this feature will only help, but obviously I will not know until I see the data.


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