Google Showing the Display URL in AdWords Headline

Google Showing the Display URL in AdWords Headline

Google announced a couple of weeks ago that it was going to start showing the display URL in the headline for select a…. This will be great for advertisers that are worried about branding when running paid search ads and not having their brand in the ad. Sometimes the company’s name is more important than the actual product – Sears lived on this theory for years – and it seems as if Google has the same notion. This means that the brand name will be more prominently shown in the ad so that you can focus the text in the headline to outline more enticing copy.


Google will start automatically showing your display URL domain in the headline for select top placement ads within Google search by separating the headline and URL with a pipe (|), or at least I call it a pipe. Here are a couple of ads I recently found now using this feature:



One of the questions I had right off the bat was, is this going to affect the extended headline? I’ve personally noticed my ads having a higher click-through rate in some of my accounts on the ads that I think are using the extended headline. After doing many searches to find an example I was able to verify that you will be able to use the extended headline AND the display URL in the headline:

BUT this will only happen if the headline is 68 characters or less.


Are there any other limitations to showing the display URL in the headline for AdWords? Yes! Google doesn’t say whether you have to be in the top 3 positions or not, but it’s pretty obvious that you’ll need to be there because of the character limitations on the right displays. Also it will only include the domain, not the “www.” prefix or any subdirectories.


What does this ultimately mean? Basically watch to see if this helps your CTR, also you may want to think about altering some of your ad text for better flow. Here is an example of someone who needs to alter their headline:

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