Google Remarketing Case Study | National Retail Chain | Accelerate Online Marketing Success Story

Google Remarketing Case Study | National Retail Chain | Accelerate Online Marketing Success Story

Google Remarketing Case Study Results



We recently conducted a test of the Google Display Network to compare it with the Remarketing on Google’s Display Network and the results have astounded us.



We ran the test for 30 days and the following stats show the value of remarketing. We used vanity urls in our display banners so we could accurately track if people saw the banner and then came back to a page they could only get to by using the vanity url.



When compared to the Display network, our client saw a 76% drop in CPA from $10.07 on Display to $2.40 on Remarketing. They had 14,753 clicks, but 17,507 conversions. With over 6247 View Through Conversions (people who saw the ad, but didn’t click and then came back to the vanity url later) – the conversion rate was actually 119%! If you look at just raw conversions, they had 76% conversion rate. The avg CPC was $2.85 which is LOWER than the actual CPA of $2.40!


We did see a much higher CTR on Google Display than Remarketing – from 1.54% on Display to .16% on Remarketing – but the view throughs were by far and away more effective on Remarketing with a 74% difference for remarketing over Display – for the exact same ads. We also saw the avg CPC was 57% lower on Google Display, but the CPA did not yield an effective ROI.



The conversion rate on Google Display was 31% when you include VTC (vs 119% on remarketing) and 23% on Display (vs. 76% on remarketing).



So what’s all this mean? Remarketing is the 2nd best segment for this client as far as ROAS, CPA, and Branding! They received over 9M impressions for an effective CPM of $4.65, vs. $0.19 CPM for display – so while the CPM was higher, the return on investment was much greater for the remarketing.



When compared to CPA (excluding brand terms) for search alone, the CPA on Remarketing was 63% lower than on remarketing. $6.50 compared to $2.40 on Remarketing.



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