Google Now Reviewing Paused Ads.

Google Now Reviewing Paused Ads.

A few months back a client of mine wanted to run ad with promotion codes only on specific days. So the week looked like this:


Monday- Promo code 1

Tuesday- Control Ads

Wednesday- Promo code 2

Thursday- Control Ads

Friday- Promo code 3


Obviously the client only wanted each promo code to run on its assigned day. But the problem was Google would not review an ad until it was enabled, and it could take up to three days to get an ad reviewed. So I had to enable each set of ads three days in advance and then just check it all day long until I saw impressions and clicks then hurry and pause those ads. In my opinion, this not a very efficient way to operate.


Hallelujah! Yesterday Google announced that they will now be reviewing paused ads. If Google had implemented this change a few months ago it would have saved me some time. But mostly it would have prevented the frantic call I got from my client asking why their Promo Code ads were running a few days early.


Moving forward we will be able to upload paused ads in advance and have them approved ahead of time so they are ready to go live the minute we want them to run.


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