Google AdWords Results Now Displaying a 0 Reviews Link

Google AdWords Results Now Displaying a 0 Reviews Link

Recently Google began displaying a 0 reviews link below several of the ads displayed on particular SERPs.


The problems with these links is that they presently point to a URL, which directs users to a Google search page with a pre-populated search form, using the keywords that were initially searched for.

There’s also sometimes an inconsistency between the 0 reviews stated and the presence of URLs on the actual Places page. In the case of our example, the first AdWords listing actually has 17 reviews on the Places Page.
These 0 reviews links are not present within results returned when the browser used is Chrome. And, these links are coming from searches while logged in to a Google account. We haven’t tested this while not logged in.

This is a good move on the part of Google, minus the absolute mess we see at present. If this is executed smartly, it benefits Google and their advertisers. Google gets to build its reviews content (something which is largely absent and otherwise abused by many businesses). And, Google also gets to offer the advertisers a new incentive for advertising.

Too bad organic results have become the step children of the SERPs. With recent limits on keyword data and little hope of ever getting schema picked up, most small businesses are being herded into a increasingly narrow selection of advertising slots, in which it may take months to establish presence or a cost-effective campaign.

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