Facebook Taking Over

Facebook Taking Over

By Kaylee Green, Boise State University

The modern day social networks have taken 58% of the world hostage with 56% of those people being loyal to Facebook. I am sad to say I among those 58% and I can absolutely say it has changed me as a person from the intended use, social, to my academic needs. The social part starts with keeping in contact with family and friends from all over. My biological dad lives in Texas and he has a tendency to keep monumental aspects of his life from me. He says that he forgets and doesn’t really think I need to know. I call it “being a man.” Through Facebook I am able to learn the important parts of his life that I would otherwise be clueless to including his marriage, his hospitalization, and him building a pool. Facebook has also provided me a safe way to have contact with the guy I am currently crushing on. I am usually a bold person but when it comes to an attractive boy I melt. Being able to hide behind a keyboard gives me the confidence to take those necessary steps in making contact with that special boy.

Academically I know it has changed my school work. Facebook provides me with thousands of different perspectives on the world or just what I am currently researching. It also gives me an easy way to conduct a survey. For example, I was trying to make a decision on what to write my research essay on in English class. My options were the Illuminati or the influence of gender roles. All I needed to do was ask Facebook for help and post to my wall. I ended up getting several different opinions on what my Facebook friends would rather read. Another part of Facebook is mindlessly scrolling through your feed and reading about people’s lives or about their opinions on the current scandal. If I take the mindless part out, I can actually learn a lot. I can gain new perspective on the new presidential candidate or I can listen to someone freak out about the Super Bowl.

I am the type of person who takes a lot of pictures. So many that I do not have the room on my phone or computer to keep them all. I am afraid to put them on discs considering that I am awesome at misplacing items. Facebook provides a place for me to separate my pictures how I feel necessary and keep the ones that I have no place for. Most of my albums are set to private so that I can store embarrassing photos that I don’t want the public to see but I know I will want them in my future. If the internet ever died I would lose all of those memories so I am banking on the modern world to keep that from happening.

To say in the least I know that social media has changed my life. To this day I do not understand how anyone graduated from school nor had the courage to talk to that special someone. I am unsure if I could get along without the internet even if it does not control my entire life.

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