Embedded Sitelinks

Embedded Sitelinks

In my last blog I talked about sitelinks and the effect that they’ve been having on our Pay Per Click ads for the past 2 years. We’ve known for years that there is a lot of noise to cut through when it comes to search engine marketing. Using sitelinks is one way to differentiate your ads from the competition. But last week Google announced that they will be changing the sitelink formatting options a little bit. Traditional sitelinks will work the way they always have, allowing you to append additional lines of text to your ad with unique links to multiple destination urls.


Google claims that the new “Embedded Sitelinks” will make it easier to integrate targeted links within your ads. The embedded sitelink format will not have the additional lines appended to your ads. Now, any text in your ad that directly matches one of your sitelinks will automatically be linked to that sitelink’s destination url. Here is an example of what the ad will look like with the new embedded sitelinks:

So for example if you have a shoe store that sells running shoes, basketball shoes, and casual shoes you could have each of type of shoe hyperlinked within your ad text as long as you already have a sitelink setup for each one.


I’m anxious to test these new embedded links and see how they perform compared to the regular sitelinks. I think it will be powerful to have blue hyperlinks in your ad text where everyone else has black text. But is it more powerful than the extra real estate provided by the regular sitelinks that also stand out from all the black text on the page?


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