Match Type and Quality Score

Match Type and Quality Score

Adwords keyword matching options has evolved many times in the past year, and leveraging these changes is a constant challenge for most. However, Accelerate Online Marketing stays on top of the most recent changes to ensure our clients yield the greatest return possible.

AdWords offers five options for match type:

• Broad
• Modified Broad
• Phrase
• Exact
• Negative

Four of these relate directly to what the user has typed in the search bar. Accelerate is able to use these match types to refine our ad groups and show the user the exact ad we want. AdWords also incorporates quality score which is made up of numerous variables that are built into an algorithm. Accelerate understands that by increasing and adjusting to quality score, we are able to have our clients pay less to be in the same, or better, position than the competition.

What is the relationship between match type and quality score, and how can we use this relationship to our advantage? For the purpose of this experiment, we are only comparing Modified Broad, Phrase and Exact (AdWords also has a new phrase and exact match setting that allows for close variants).

In Figure 1, you will see a summary of key metrics for all of our accounts over the past 6 months; what you will see should surprise you. The CTR, which is listed first as part of the quality score algorithm, is highest with our Exact match type yet has the lowest quality score. Phrase, being significantly higher in quality score, does have a much lower CPC, but the correlation ends after that. If we treated this as one singular account, we may focus on Phrase match to take advantage of the lower CPC. Now, due to this data encompassing all accounts, we must further dissect the data.

In Figure 2, we see a restaurant’s website with the same data as Figure 1. In this particular account, we focus on Exact match type to take advantage of the low CPC and high conversion rate. You may also notice that although Phrase match has a higher quality score than Broad match, it produces a lower CTR and a higher CPC than Broad match.

In Figure 3, an eCommerce client, we see that Broad match has the highest quality score, but is not the cheapest CPC. Depending on further analysis regarding ROI, we may focus on Broad match for this account to take advantage of the high conversion rate.

At Accelerate, we realize there is confusion with quality score, but we want to provide the best for our clients. Quality score will vary from industry to industry and should be analyzed accordingly. By focusing our efforts on certain match types, we are able optimize our client’s account to react to their particular industry.

We can help analyze your account based on quality score and match type. Just click for a FREE audit or call us at 1-877-676-2010.

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