How Does the Display of My Website Affect My Conversion Rate?

Numerous factors determine whether visitors to your site will convert into customers. Is the content helpful? Is it relevant? Do images show the best features of what you have to offer? Do you state your purpose quickly and succinctly? Another question we should ask is this: Does the display boost conversion rates or destroy them?

The effects your website’s display has on conversion rates are many, but we’ll just go through a few.


The display of your site should make it easy to navigate. Links and icons should be logically arranged and easily visible, and your visitors should be able to view content without a lot of legwork. If your display makes it difficult to reach important links or information, it can frustrate your visitors, which naturally also frustrates conversion rates.


This one goes hand in hand with navigability. The color you use for the background should allow elements on the page to be easily seen. Likewise, the color you use for text should not blend in with the background (for example, dull gray does not show up on a dull blue background, but white or light blue does). Lines of text should also be arranged in a way that’s well organized, interesting, and easy to follow.

Device Compatibility

If your site is not mobile compatible, it means the lovely display your web designer put so many hours into laying out will be difficult to see on a narrow mobile device screen. In addition, it can throw off text and image layout, making the whole thing look messy. The site needs to be designed to work on a small smartphone screen as well as a wide PC display. Otherwise, you will have mobile users turning away from your site, often in disgust.

Aesthetic Appeal

This one’s simple in principle, but more complex in application. The principle is this: If it looks bad, people will run. It doesn’t matter how amazing your content or services are. If the site’s display is nothing more than a repeating texture of monkeys wielding drills painted in the background with center-aligned rows of bright orange text, no one is going to take it seriously. The site should look clean, professional, and cohesive, but still have enough variety in the way elements are arranged to keep it interesting.

Ultimately, an effective display should allow for a user-friendly experience. If it’s subpar, it won’t impress visitors, and it might even prevent them from getting the information they need to become customers. If it’s especially bad, visitors will flee. Fortunately, the help you need is right here. Contact the digital rockstars at Accelerate Online Marketing today.

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