Developing with SEO in mind.

Developing with SEO in mind.

As you might already know, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key component in having your website ranked organically within the search engines. Here are a few things to keep in mind and implement when you are developing a new website.

1. Have your developer correctly slice your site and make all visible text in the design indexable.

For Example: Many sites have phone numbers in the header, but a lot of times these phone numbers are images. Have your developer create the CSS so that an indexable number can be placed instead of the image. Search engines will read this number and associate it to your website. If your image has a custom font, you may be able to find the custom font in the google API and render it without a problem.

2. Stay away from developing with tables if you can, and use CSS instead.

Using CSS will allow for Search Engine Spiders to crawl your website faster, and allow it to sort through what is code and what is content more efficiently. Smaller file sizes makes it easier for a spider crawl through. Ideally what you would like to have is more content rather than code. Tables clutter the code with unnecessary attributes that could be just as easily pulled from a style sheet, and this has proven to lower your organic SEO rankings.

3. Using expandable divs to allow for more copy when working with limited space.

Web 2.0 designs have a sleek and fresh look to them, but most do not allow for enough copy to be indexed on the homepage. One way to add more copy and maintain the web 2.0 feel is to use jQuery. If you have ever been to a website, clicked on a read more button and have seen more copy expand out, this is jQuery. Search engines will index all of the content that you place within the div tags. You can read more about it at


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