Dental Clinic Paid Search Success Story

Dental Clinic Paid Search Success Story

Dental Clinic Paid Search Success Story


Eight months ago we started running online advertising for a Cosmetic Dentist in the Dallas area and have experienced some fantastic results. This Dr. had never done any online marketing in the past, and therefore had a very minimal online presence. Since we took over her Online Marketing efforts she has an average of 1,300 website visits per month.


Of those visits, almost 93% are coming through search engines. This means that they are a direct result of our Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click efforts. In other words, without us she would be getting a whopping 90 website visits per month.


Let’s break down our efforts a little further. Below are the top traffic sources for her website, with the total number of visits they’ve generated over the past 6 months, and the number of visits as a percentage of the site total.


As you can see our CPC (Cost Per Click), sometimes called PPC (Pay Per Click) is responsible for the Lion’s Share (76.43%) of her website traffic. But what does all of this website traffic mean to a Dentist?


Everyone who lands on her website is prompted to pick up the phone and call her office or send an email. On average she hasover 100 people contact her office every month who are looking for a new dentist. Not all of these turn into appointments, but many do. Last month her office reported having 28 new patients come in. They have so many new patients that they had to hire a new hygienist last month.

Online marketing is an investment, you need to spend a little money to make more money. But in an industry like Dentistry, the lifetime value of a new patient is so high that it more than justifies the investment.

Just a few days ago, a new patient came into her office and wrote a check for $30,000. If one new patient every eight months can produce a positive Return On Investment, Imagine what 28 new patients a month can do!

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