Dallas Online Advertising Agency Enters the Social Media Market with a Focus on Performance

Dallas Online Advertising Agency Enters the Social Media Market with a Focus on Performance

What are You trying to accomplish by entering the social media arena?

Accelerate Online Marketing, a Dallas online advertising agency, can help you establish your social media presence. We have effectively launched social media on all of the major and minor social media platforms. With years of experience in other online advertising media, we have the capability to effectively implement strategic plans across all the key social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter,You Tube, Linked In, Flickr, your company blog;

Accelerate approaches Social Media with the same MANIACAL focus on tracking and measuring results, like we do for our other online marketing services. We believe you must have an objective, plans to meet the objective and key performance indicators (kpi’s) to measure your success. We start with the basics by developing a Social Media Plan Design, based on your existing presence.

Then we ask the queston: What are you trying to accomplish via social marketing?

Establishing the objectives for social media is a critical starting point for any organization. Objectives vary from using social media as a communications medium; a way to sell products and services; for brand building; and/or customer feedback/service/retention mechanism.

Accelerate believes this is one of the most important processes in establishing a social media presence. Defining a clear objective and measuring the success of that objective with quantitative measurement is a key difference between us and our competitors.

Each social media platform has its benefits and limitations. Our process evaluates the platforms and determines which platforms work best to reach the desired objectives.

Continuous monitoring of any social media plan is imperative. Customers, clients and prospects are talking about your products and services.

The question is, will you be listening?

We make sure our clients have an effective, continuous monitoring process. We help clients integrate Google Analytics or other reporting processes integrated into the social media plan.

Defining all the roles and responsibilities for social media extend from the CEO/Business Owner, all the way down to customer service and sales representatives. This includes executive management support to the actual responses to customers in the social media platforms. Effective, relevant, timely communication is key in the social media arena. We work with our clients to develop content to address customer needs. An editorial calendar develops a plan for the content and a plan to deliver the information. We can work with an organization to create content from internal subject matter experts or we can research content with support from resources to ensure high quality information is communicated to your customers and clients while effectively protecting your brand and image. Developing a timely response mechanism for issues that arise is key to the effective implementation of an social media plan. We ensure an effective response team is in place and that procedures are established for issues needing to escalate up the internal ladder.

We also monitor the competition.

We will conduct a competitive analysis to position your product or service in the social media platforms. Whether you are a first mover or responding to competitive pressures, we can help you position yourself in the social media arena.

Want to see some tangible results from your social media marketing efforts?

Let Accelerate come in as a consultant to help establish or manage your social media strategic plan.

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