Accelerate’s Call Tracking for When Consumers Are Ringing

Accelerate’s Call Tracking for When Consumers Are Ringing

For many businesses, phone calls are the lifeline for engaging potential customers. The first phone conversation between a sales representative and a potential customer sets the tone for future interactions. That’s why our digital experts use this call tracking service to analyze the performance of each conversation. The data we’re able to gather from these conversations provides our clients the insights needed to improve the quality of these conversations and yield better results.

By using our call tracking service, we analyze every call on a variety of criteria.  Was the call a potential customer? If so, was the sales rep able to get their business or are they still shopping around? Is Employee #1 better at closing on new customers than Employee #2?  With our reports, our clients will be able to see how many calls each employee answered and the results of those calls. 

More specifically, Accelerate’s digital experts even offer coaching reports that will show how each call was handled from the greeting to the level of service in assisting the caller’s needs.  Maybe your employees are better on the phone after their morning coffee; we can let you know if you are closing more customers during a certain time of day.

Not only do our experts analyze incoming calls for quality and wealth of information, we also keep track of every missed call.  This is important simply because if your office is closed in the afternoon on Thursday, you might be missing out on a lot of potential leads. Perhaps it would be beneficial to stay open or sign up for an answering service.  We can send you an alert every time you miss a call so you can have the option to have someone follow up.

Call tracking does more than just help your phone conversions.  It can help us manage your online advertising campaign as a whole.  With our call tracking, we can attribute how the potential lead found our clients’ websites to contact them via phone. Every call gives us a wealth of information from what search engine the caller was on to what they searched for to get to our clients’ websites.  By doing this, we are able to see what part of your online advertising is performing the best. Knowing what searches are turning into phone calls helps us guide your efforts to receive more calls in the future to grow your business.

In summary, being able to identify where your strengths and weaknesses are on the phone is something that can give your business a competitive edge. Accelerate’s digital experts will be there to analyze your calls and optimize future lead engagement to maximize your business growth.

To find out more about our call tracking services or how we can be a catalyst for your business growth, visit our website at or call us for a free consultation at 877-478-8050.

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