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Bragging Rights | Paid Search

True to our name – nothing gets me more excited than performance. Not just any performance mind you, but the kind of performance that a paid search agency can brag about. Let’s face it – when we’re trying to win new business, the best ammunition we have is how we have helped our other clients achieve success. So as I’m putting together my monthly reports I do a quick peek at the last 3 months…and Shazam! Numbers that I couldn’t wait to post on our website!


Here’s the scoop. We had a client that was spending a modest amount of money on Paid Search and it was being managed by another agency. Over a period of 3 months, the client saw their conversions drop 31% and yet their costs increased by 54%! YIKES! Now for my favorite part…the agency that was managing their account was rated #4 Search Agency in the Nation, by Advertising Age. (more on why this is my favorite part later). Needless to say, the client was shopping for a new agency and we pounced on the opportunity to turn their accounts around!


We optimized the client’s paid search accounts based on ad inventory performance & analysis, keyword profit generating analysis, ad split testing, landing page testing, and conversion funnel optimization.

  • Increased Clicks by Over 660%
  • Increased Impressions by 239%
  • Increased the Click Through Rate (CTR) by 125%
  • Increased the Site Conversion Rate by 178%
  • Reduced the Cost Per Conversion by 39%
  • Increased Total Conversions 21x in 3 months

…if the #4 Search Ad Agency can’t deliver, then what is YOUR agency doing for you? Maybe you should look at Accelerate Online Marketing for your Paid Search needs.

We are a results oriented Interactive Ad Agency – we want your business. You don’t have to spend $100,000 a month (we have clients that spend as little as $2,500/mo) to turn over your Paid Search Accounts to us, but if you do turn them over to us, rest assured that we are looking for more bragging rights and that means we’ll be milking every last ounce of performance we can get out of your account.

To learn more about Accelerate Online Marketing Paid Search, please check out our Paid Search offerings. We have clients in Austin, Dallas, Tulsa, Houston, and national clients as well!