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In 2015, Google reported that the number of mobile searches performed in the US exceeded the number of computer searches.  In the fall of 2016, this became a worldwide phenomenon, with more than half of all global searches being performed on a mobile device.  Google has also announced their intent to switch to a “mobile-first” indexing strategy, which will use a website’s mobile version to determine search results.  This change will take place at some point in the future, but Google has not yet given the exact date.  These are all clear indicators that mobile search dominance is here to stay, and that the importance of a website’s mobile usability cannot be overstated.   Our success story below underscores that fact.


Our online retailer client was seeing year-over-year declines in their e-commerce channel and was looking for solutions to reverse the trend. We identified that their mobile traffic had grown 8% even though their mobile user experience left a lot to be desired. At the same time desktop traffic had dropped 24%.  We formulated a plan to optimize their website for mobile users, capitalizing on the growth of mobile traffic that was projected to explode in the coming months.


The first step was identifying the elements of their website were not mobile friendly. Site speed on mobile was very slow.  We identified about a dozen factors that could be adjusted to improve site speed, such as optimization of high resolution images. Touch points were too small on mobile, making navigation difficult. Check-out was onerous for several reasons.  We identified a list of improvements that would enhance the mobile user experience.


After implementing our conversion and website optimization plan, our client’s e-commerce site experienced:

  • 200%+ year/year growth in mobile revenue
  • 32% more mobile transactions
  • 33% fewer desktop transactions
  • 13% year/year growth in desktop revenue
  • An increase of 23% in mobile e-commerce conversion rate
  • A desktop conversion rate decline of 12%

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