Case Study – Local SEO Client

Recently, we were asked by a local sleep study center to help with their SEO efforts for the Dallas area. This was a challenging task because there are several sites targeting these search terms. This means in order to get results, we would have to show up in the top ten of over 23,000,000 possible results. As a result, we definitely had our work cut out for us!

Also, keep in mind that our client’s website was brand new and not even ranked in the top 100 pages of Google before we started! Talk about a challenge.
Despite the competition and obstacles to our goal, we were able to get shockingly fast results for our client. In less than a month’s time, we took our client from not even being ranked to an unmissable landmark on the first page of Google.

Not only did we improve our client’s search rankings in an unheard of time, but we also managed to rank them highly for their most desired and competitive keywords. Check out some of the dramatic results below.

As you can see, over a very short period of time our client was able to achieve dramatic results in Google as a result of our SEO strategies.

The cool thing about this early performance is that getting results with SEO is often considered a “long, slow n steady” process. Many times the achievement of third and second page rankings will often take over two months. This is why dramatic first-page results like the ones shown above are so fantastic.

With this kind of turn around time we have been able deliver desirable results to our client faster than the industry norm.

On top of this we have also performed advanced social media SEO on this client’s site, which has caused them to gain even more exposure from our SEO efforts. If you look at the screen shot below you can see both our client’s website AND YouTube video ranking on page one of Google’s search results.

That is right, we ranked our client TWICE for the same search term gaining them twice the bang for their buck.

Did we mention that these results were achieved in less than a month’s time? Contact Accelerate today to learn how our digital experts can improve your online marketing performance.

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