Capitalization in AdWords Headline Display URLs

Capitalization in AdWords Headline Display URLs

Back in February we told you about Google’s display URL and headline changes going into affect with all ads across the board. We were also one of the first to show you that Google is showing the display URL in the headline of your ad, but we also noticed something new while doing some competitive research – Google is allowing capitalization on the display URL in the AdWords Headline:





You’ll notice in my previous blog post on the display URL in the headline that the headline display URL capitalization was being stripped out, but now it’s back.


Now we all know that Google will run tests without making an announcement or make changes to things without an announcement, but I think this is a rather big change. In most of my ads I didn’t change the display URL for a couple reasons:

  1. I didn’t want to lose the history by switching the ads for the display URL
  2. Google was already doing this automatically, there was no need for me to make the change manually
  3. I’ve been doing paid search for a long time now, I’m wired to use capitalization in my display URLs

This is great news for me, considering I didn’t change my ads, but for everyone else they will have to change their ads for this to work – which means deleting history and potentially costing them more money and time.


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