What is Call Measurement and How Can it Benefit Your Business?

Your advertising efforts, whether on social media, Paid Search, in the newspaper, on television, or through other media, all represent a large investment on your part. You hope this investment will pay off—after all, advertising is pointless if you don’t get people coming to you—but how can you measure that? There are a number of ways to measure the success of your advertising efforts, and one of those is through call measurement.

Definition of Call Measurement

Call measurement is the process of tracking phone calls to determine the success of specific advertising efforts. This starts with obtaining a separate phone number for each type of advertising you use. For example, suppose you have a Paid Ad online, a commercial on television, and a social media marketing campaign on Facebook. Each of these will have a unique phone number that is linked to your main business number so that you are able to identify which advertisement drove the call.

As people call in, you are able to track which advertising strategy brought them in by the phone number they use, and, with Paid Ads online, you are able to see which keywords drove the phone calls. This data is recorded and then used to determine which methods are worth their investment and which ones might do with some scaling back.

Advantages for Your Business

Call measurement can provide a significant return on your investment by providing valuable insight into your advertising strategies. Specifically, it can help in the following three ways:

  • Measure what works: The main advantage of using call measurement is it provides you with a detailed map of how your various advertising investments are paying off. Going back to our example, if you find that your social media campaign is bringing in twice as many calls as your commercials, you will want to alter your expenditures to reflect that.
  • Know your audience: Not only can you gain valuable insight from the volume of calls generated by each strategy you use, you are also able to track other information as well. If you are getting more calls from one specific geographical region than others, for example, you may want to focus your efforts on that area. Also, you may wish to alter your efforts in other areas to expand your audience.
  • Call recording and Listening: call measurement also enables you to record calls and score them as valid business opportunities. When determining ROI, it’s not about how many calls were received, but, rather, the quality of those calls and how many qualified leads came from them.

Ultimately, call measurement is a tool that helps you optimize your advertising efforts to zero in on what works. It can help you know the efficacy of various efforts, familiarize yourself with your audience, and develop strategies that will enhance your advertising success.

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