Brand Lift Benefits From Remarketing

Brand Lift Benefits From Remarketing

It’s no secret: Accelerate Online Marketing preaches remarketing in conjunction with Google AdWords.  Remarketing is a great way for businesses who have found success in the search space to dip their toe in display; it’s low risk, boosts brand searches and increases site engagement.


Low Risk

Remarketing is considered a low risk display option because searchers must show interest in a brand before being eligible to see their banners. Whether a paid search, organic or direct visitor, they will be cookied for the remarketing campaign.  Once cookied, they will start to see remarketing banners as they browse the web.  This means the banner audience has already had brand exposure.


Remarkable Brand Lift Results

The addition of remarketing has an extremely positive effect on brand searches.  In one example we saw brand campaign clicks increase 68%, impressions increase 76% and conversions increase 452%.  The remarketing banners keep the brand top of mind, and increases the chances of people searching for brand terms.  Below the graph shows the drastic increase in impressions and clicks before and after remarketing was implemented.

More Engaged Visitors

The effects of remarketing can also be found in Google Analytics.  Using the same example as above, there was a 260% lift in visits, average time on site went up 15% and revenue increased 192% for the AdWords brand campaign.  Searchers are not only searching more, they are more engaged visitors than before remarketing.

The graph below shows brand campaign revenue was hit and miss before remarketing.  After we launched remarketing, revenue becomes steadier.  These are sales the client could have missed had we not remarketed to their audience.


Our agency was on the forefront of AdWords remarketing technology.  We have seen the tremendous impact it can have on our clients’ online marketing campaigns.  It has taken small-to-medium sized businesses who couldn’t afford the expense of display and maximized their chance of success.  If you would like to learn more about our management services, contact us at or call 877-676-2010 today!

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