Best Practices For Remarketing Banners

Best Practices For Remarketing Banners

At Accelerate Online Marketing, we preach the value of site remarketing.  For most of our clients, this is done on a cost-per-click basis through Google AdWords.  To learn more on remarketing, go here.

Once you are ready to remarket to your site visitors, you’ll need to create relevant banners.  One question we get across the board is: what should my banners look like?  While banner colors, fonts and images are up to the client, there are a few must-haves across all industries.

  • Strong calls to action: What is the next step you’d like the customer to take. Call? Email? Shop? Make it easy for them to identify the next action.
  • Prominent URL and/or phone number: The customer may not have the time to click-through or call immediately, but you want to give them the chance to contact you later.  By having your URL and phone number prominent, they can easily identify how to get in touch in their time frame.
    • Vanity URLs can be used for customers to quickly find your target landing page.  If you use a vanity URL, be sure it renders correctly when typed into a browser.  If your vanity URL doesn’t exist and it’s not redirected, you’ve provided a poor customer experience.
    • Trackable phone numbers are ideal for banner ads because you can track how many people call directly from the banner.
  • Create all sizes and formats: Remarketing banners should be provided in all formats and sizes.  You want to stay in front of the customer once they’ve been to your site, and limited sizes and formats limit your reach.  Not all sites in the Google Display Network accept all sizes and formats.  By providing as many banners as possible, you are increasing your chances of being seen by your customers.
  • Segmented creative for segmented audiences: Segmented audiences should be part of your remarketing strategy.  This allows you to display the right message to the right audience.  If someone has been to your site and converted, you may not want to display the same message to those who haven’t converted.
  • Provide offers in the banners: Remarketing banners should provide incentives for customers.  Why should they use your business over others? What sets you apart?  If it’s price, display your price in the banner.  If it’s superior customer service, call that out in the banner.

In conclusion, remarketing banners give you the opportunity to communicate to those who have visited your site.  By implementing Accelerate Online Marketing’s best practices, you should see a successful remarketing campaign.


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