AdWords Match Type Changes

AdWords Match Type Changes

Good Change For Advertisers?

Accelerate likes to stay up to date on all of the changes Google is constantly making in AdWords and sometimes we get excited about these changes, but unfortunately this is not one of those times.  AdWords is a money making machine for Google and sometimes we feel these improvements are only improving  Google’s bottom line. When Google made changes to the display url we could see how this negatively impacted CTR. Since CTR is a huge factor in determining quality score, this could also affect Google’s bottom line by increasing CPCs.

New Matching Behavior

Currently, if you want  more control over your keywords you can opt to use phrase or exact match types to ensure that your ads don’t show for undesirable searches. According to the AdWords blog, Google is going to roll out new matching behavior for phrase and exact match keywords by allowing “misspellings and close variants” to trigger your ads. According to Google they ran tests before deploying this change and saw favorable results. Because we like to have as much control as possible over our accounts, we prefer to add those misspellings and close variants ourselves. Luckily, Google has given us the option to opt out of this newest improvement. Accelerate Online Marketing has decided to do so for all of our accounts. You can do this in your Advanced settings here.


Accelerate’s Position

Accelerate feels this is a dangerous improvement because broader targeting means more potential to spend money on undesirable searches. While this is bad for us, it is good for Google because the more people click on our ads, the more we pay them. This is important to have someone running your PPC campaigns who can stay up to date on all of the constant changes to the search engines while keeping up with day to day optimization.

All things considered, what are your thoughts on the new matching behavior? Are you going to opt out or test it? We would love to hear what you think on our timeline.



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