Adopt Mobile or Else…

Adopt Mobile or Else…

Mobile devices are becoming faster, smaller, affordable and ultimately more ubiquitous. With this increased adoption rate, mobile marketing will inevitably be required in a brand’s media mix to stay relevant. If you’re still skeptical of integrating mobile into your mix, take a look at these insights below.

With a significant increase in smartphone and tablet sales, consumers now have access to the internet at any point during the day. This increased interaction is directly related to consumers adopting mobile technology into their everyday lives: searching, researching, sharing, socializing, gaming, participating, engaging with other media, and purchasing.

Recent stats from Nielsen indicate that U.S. smartphone penetration has reached over 50%.

According to a Cisco Visual Networking Index report, global mobile traffic is projected to grow 26x over the next 5 years.

Consumers are becoming smarter with their searches, which is creating “localization.” They are searching not only by city, but by suburb and even zip code to find local businesses and content. Nielsen also reports that Google and Facebook are the top two mobile sites, of which, 9 out of 10 searches leads to an action.

Mobile devices are now an integral part of the conversion funnel. Top conversion actions for mobile strategies include: app downloads, site visits, video views, and click-to-call.

The average consumer is also spending more time on their mobile device at home, and on the go. This makes it imperative that your brand is able to connect with these consumers during an important step of the purchase cycle.

At Accelerate Online Marketing we customize and tailor mobile strategies unique to each brand we work with. We take pride in staying ahead of the curve in efforts to see the greatest results possible for our clients. If you are considering mobile as a part of your brand’s media mix, make sure you partner with a group of experts that can effectively lead you to success. Thankfully, we’re only a call away.

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