adCenter Quality Score Coming Soon

adCenter Quality Score Coming Soon

Microsoft just recently announced they will finally have a quality score for the Bing/Yahoo campaign keywords soon:



Microsoft did not give a firm date, only saying “beginning this spring,” which means they could potentially roll this out next week or in the first week of November. This obviously gives them enough time to test, test and re-test it to make sure there are no bugs; and they’re probably hoping to avoid problems like they faced during the Bing/Yahoo merger.


Here are the features that the adCenter Quality Score will have:

  • Quality Score will be on a 1-10 scale and be calculated at the keyword level for each match-type being purchased.
  • Scores are designed to represent how competitive your keyword is within the marketplace, with three sub-scores for keyword relevance, landing page relevance and landing page user experience.
  • Actionable guidance will be provided to optimize and improve your quality score.
  • At launch, scores will be visible and exportable from the adCenter Web UI, adCenter Reporting and APIs.


Microsoft goes on to say, “quality score on adCenter is a feedback tool provided to help you understand how competitive your keywords are in the marketplace. It can be used to measure how well keywords are positioned for success, and determine where to best spend your optimization time.” They even provide a handy graph to illustrate how the overall score will be influenced by the keyword relevance, landing page relevance and landing page user experience:




I do have to say that all of this does look a lot like Google’s:



But with Google’s you don’t get landing page user experience; I am very interested to see how this one in particular will play out. I will go on the record to say that anything Microsoft can do to replicate AdWords I’m all for, so really I find this to be a HUGE step forward, but they have many more steps to take.


Ultimately what does this mean? It means that Microsoft is starting to take the right steps in the right direction to be a real competitor to AdWords. They now have quality score and a desktop tool (similar to Editor), but are lacking the amount of users that Google controls and good tools. How does Microsoft expect us to know about their users with tools like this? These are the suggestions the tool returned for alarm companies:



Microsoft does also point out scores will not directly influence how your ads will rank, and will be generated using historical performance data. Which begs to question, what am I supposed to use your quality score for Bing/Yahoo?

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