Ad Group Level Impression Share

Ad Group Level Impression Share

In January, Google announced that they would be rolling out ad group impression share metrics for all accounts. This came as great news to us. For years we’ve been using campaign level impression share metrics to make budget and optimization decisions. So what does it mean to advertisers now that we can see impression share by ad group? Let’s look at a few scenarios where having ad group level impression share metrics could influence our decisions.

One of my clients recently had a search campaign that was consistently generating a strong ROAS. But the campaign was limited by budget every day, so we increased budget for a few days only to see the ROAS drop. Upon looking closer at ad group impression share, I realized that the ad groups with the best ROAS also had maxed out impression share. So when we increased the campaign budget, we were just feeding more money to the ad groups that were lower performers.

Three months ago, there was no way of predicting this kind of outcome. But now, we can look at each ad group’s impression share and get a good idea of where a campaign’s budget will go. For example let’s look at this sample Campaign Below.

Campaign 1                        IS: 47%

Ad group A         IS: 90%

Ad group B         IS: 70%

Ad group C         IS: 15%

Ad group D         IS: 30%


If I were considering increasing the budget of campaign 1 I better be sure that ad groups C & D are profitable because that’s where the majority of “new money” is going to go. This is awesome for advertisers because it takes some of the guess work out of what we do. In the screen shot below you can see that in one campaign I have one ad group with less than 10% impression share and one ad group with 100% impression share.

So often we have no choice but to just test something and see what happens, but every test we run is costing money. So every time Google gives us more data that lets us avoid costly tests we get excited.

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