Why You Should Be Using WordPress Plugins

Why You Should Be Using WordPress Plugins

Yesterday we reported on WordPress Optimization Tips for your website, and we introduced the use of WordPress plugins. These small downloads are installed on your website to help satisfy the needs of various challenges you need your website to accomplish. But just what are they exactly?

A WordPress plugin will extend WordPress to be able to do just about anything you set your mind to. They will also assist in cutting down your work load considerably. The best way to explain this is via a scenario. Your an average user of WordPress, and do not completely understand exactly everything there is to know about building a contact form. Normally knowledge of HTML, CSS, and/or Javascript is required. But like the rest of the world, you really grasp the idea of copy and paste.

With a simple search on WordPress.org or Google.com you will be able to find a plugin that will handle the coding of these challenges for you. Regarding our scenario, we would go out to find a plugin called “Contact Form 7” as previously mentioned in our blog, or others: like GravityForms. After a few clicks to install, and follow the steps prompted by the plugin: your troubles are over.

WordPress is a very strong platform not because it is simple to use, but also because it grasps the developer community. Automattic, the developers of WordPress, know their audience very well. They listen, make positive changes, and launch them into the wild for everybody to use. Because of this, the WordPress platform has become very strong, and has a large community following. However, you don’t have to work for Automattic to create new improvements for WordPress. Plugins will extend the capabilities of WordPress for each websites individual needs. Almost like custom programming! It is as simple as finding something that specifically suits you!

Below are a few plugins we think you and your websites will find very valuable.

Broken Link Checker
Finding your website on the web is the single most important challenge to overcome. In order to do so, the website must simply WORK. Clicking on the homepage, items in a navigation bar, and links on a blog post must all work as they intend. Search engines and your users will thank you. Nobody likes clicking on something to find it doesn’t work, or goes to a page not found. Sometimes links to outbound sources get dropped or deleted, and it’s outside of your control. You won’t even know they stopped working. This plugin will actively check your posts, comments, and other content for broken links. It will also email you when something is detected, helping you deliver an amazing experience to both your readers, and the search engines supporting you.

Nivo Slider Light
This is a popular plugin utilizing JQuery, and Javascript coding languages to animate a “Scrolling” or “Fading” picture on a page. This is currently all the rage. Nothing quite grasps the attention of your readers like something tastefully moving on screen. This tool does great for showing content you really want to direct attention too.

Backup Buddy
The one stop shop for creating backups of your WordPress installation. This plugin has saved many websites from becoming nonexistent due to server crashes, and hacker attacks. Upon installation, and initial setup by following the directions provided, this plugin tool will automatically create backups in the form of zip files, and gzip a database for you to use in the event something catastrophic occurs to your website. What makes things great is that is can offload backups off server, or even directly to your email box. Reinstallation, and dropping in the backup files: your back online.

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