5 Reasons to Run SEO and PPC Together

When determining their online marketing strategy, many companies feel like they need to opt for either SEO or PPC. After all, they both ultimately achieve the same end—attracting visitors to your site and increasing revenue. Using both might seem redundant.

The truth is it’s not redundant at all. SEO and PPC do reach the same ultimate goal, but they do so by different means. PPC is highly targeted, whereas SEO is more organic, and the two can bolster each other dramatically. Following are five reasons why the two should be combined:

  1. Expanded data: When researching the effectiveness of keywords, using SEO and PPC helps you figure out what’s most effective by providing more overall data. This lets you quickly figure out what changes to make and increase clickthrough and conversion rates more promptly, making you more agile.
  2. PPC generates results quickly: Not only does PPC bolster keyword data, but it does so very quickly. This makes it optimal for testing keywords prior to use in an SEO campaign.
  3. SEO helps find long-tail keywords: Just as PPC helps inform short keywords, SEO can help you gather data on long-tail keywords. It does this naturally, and it can help you improve your PPC campaign with more targeted wording.
  4. Dominate the results page: A very practical way that PPC and SEO help each other out is by essentially doubling your presence on search engine results pages. Assuming both your ads and your content are well designed, you’ll be able to have organic results as well as paid ads appear on relevant searches.
  5. SEO can reduce PPC costs: In certain industries, high ranking keywords will demand a large price for PPC. In these cases, it’s more cost-effective to use these expensive keywords for SEO while targeting the cheaper ones in your PPC campaign.

At the end, the two combined add up to far more than either could accomplish independently. Contact the dedicated Digital Rockstars at Accelerate Online Marketing to learn more about how our Dallas SEO services and PPC services can benefit your business.

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