5 Reasons Claimed and Correct Online Directory Listings Are Vital

Crucial to your online marketing strategy is the use of online directories. These directories consist of organized listings of websites, and they are managed by human beings rather than automated software. This allows you to get more control over the information available online about your business, ensuring accuracy of information and more precise implementation of online marketing strategies. This means claimed—and correct—online directory listings are not only helpful, but also absolutely vital. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Ensures consistency: If your business has been around a little while, even if it’s just a month, there is likely a listing of it somewhere on the Internet. In many cases, these records may have inaccurate information, so claiming online directory listings allows you to correct that. This ensures the consistency of information available about your business online, thereby making you easier to find.

2. Proves ownership: Claiming your online listing provides evidence that you are the owner of your business. This allows you to promote your brand on search engines while boosting the security of your listing. When claiming your listing, you will be asked to verify your business, either by phone, mail, or email.

3. Increases online presence: Claimed listings in online directories provide links to your site, making them an excellent source for link building. This helps increase your online presence and will ultimately increase the odds that people will find their way to you when searching online for your services.

4. Increases precision: Online directories are organized by category. When you claim a listing, you will be able to place it in a category that best fits its description. This makes it far easier to find your business online as it matches relevant search criteria on search engines.

5. Boosts rankings: The categorical precision and accuracy of information provided through claiming online directory listings ultimately helps improve your odds of ranking high on search engines. Also, many search engines utilize online directories to find results that match users’ search criteria, making online directory listings absolutely vital to your overall SEO strategy.

Not only will you rank higher on search engines like Google, the consistency of information about your business will ensure that people reach you rather than find themselves awash in muddled, half-accurate data. In addition, claiming your listing will secure your right to promote your business on search engines. This ultimately gives you an edge against other businesses that have not claimed or corrected their online listings.

If you’re not sure where to start with claiming online listings, Accelerate Online Marketing is here to help you. Contact Accelerate today to get started.


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